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Fokkema & Partners conducted a study on the redevelopment of the Tripolis buildings, designed by Aldo and Hennie van Eyck in the 1990’s. The building density in this part of Amsterdam (just beside the South Axis, between the ring A10 and Olympic Stadium) has changed greatly over past years. So have contemporary demands for office spaces and views on sustainability. 

The Tripolis buildings touch a poetic and emotional dimension of architecture characteristic to the Dutch structuralist architecture. How to transform the Tripolis plot with preservation of its versatile character and subtle variations into a new icon that fits its location?

Fokkema & Partners suggest to connect two buildings, providing a unique type of floor space in the area, large, efficient and with unrivaled character. As if the buildings have coincidentally grown into something new overtime, the existing building mass is topped up while formerly open courtyards are transformed into all glazed winter gardens. Substantial progress can be made in the energy efficiency of the building with a renovation of the façade and by using the new winter gardens. Structure and coherence of the building architecture are leading principles in the suggested designs for the redevelopment, as well as providing the area with a landmark while maintaining a meaningful sense of place for users.


Fokkema & Partners conducted this study to showcase the unexpected qualities within the existing, sometimes overshadowed real estate in this district. In 2010 Fokkema & Partners Architecten explored the vesitile character of the Tripolis building from a user point of view, with the design for the refurbishment of allmost 6.000 m2 office space for Fortis.