“With transparency and a bright palette, Fokkema & Partners creates a sophisticated law office in a beautiful Amsterdam building by Jo Coenen Architects and Urbanists


Contract Magazine features an article on the design for Stibbe and even published it on the June cover with a stunning image by Horizon Photoworks. It shows the level of attention to detail while combining functionality with aesthetics and integrating the interior design with the building architecture.


Krista Sykes on the panels in the atrium: “White custom-designed acoustic panels made of perforated MDF backed by felt, screen the building’s prominent steel structure as it rises upward. The panels are integrated perfectly, dampening noise while echoing the triangular forms that appear throughout the custom-furnished building in plan, elevation, and detail.”


She quotes Laura Atsma, on the development of the refined workplace concept, inserting voids and connecting spaces to create a sculptural interior. “Unlike the typical law office, which is often closed and opaque, Stibbe’s building is about transparency, interaction, meeting, and seeing each other,” Atsma says. “This transparency allows for communication between interior and exterior, and between people.”


“Fokkema’s style - chic yet understated - fit the way we wanted to represent ourselves” says Marcel Abbring “the designers understood the requirements of our business”.


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