the dark blue product core is the back bone that returns at all floors
a new island seems to float in the atrium
a new stair connects ground and first floor
the axe bar is one of the islands in the stream
the lipton bar
studio-like open office space
concentration and telephone boots
concentration and telephone boots with graphics
islands in the stream at the restaurant
the shelves at the core allow for seating

Unilever Brand Hub Europe

At the end of 2012 Unilever decided to center all European Category Marketing Teams at the Head Office at Weena in Rotterdam, creating a true ‘Brand Hub Europe’. The renewed Unilever Head Office emanates openness and liveliness, enthusiasm for the job and a strong but subtle appreciation of real stories and real life connected with every day products. The ground and first floor are characterized by the “islands in the stream” where one can meet, work, interact, get informed, consume and present the jewels of Unilever, for both colleagues and guests. A new and inviting staircase, glass railings and new, floating floors in the atrium improve the connection between ground and first floor. Moving freely between islands, such as the Lipton Bar, Ben & Jerry’s island, Personal Care area or Axe Bar, which each have a different function and atmosphere, the world of Unilever with its wide range of products comes to life.

The dark blue core reflects the overall corporate identity of Unilever on each floor throughout the building. Shelves enable employees to display the full bandwidth of the Unilever products. The studio-like work floors are organized around this product core. A natural background of wood, white, warm grey and skin tones form the basis in which the specific design and graphic elements can come to their full right. Colourful huddle islands in the open office area connect to the various meeting rooms made of full height glass. Together with a category experience point, each floor has become a true brand hub.
Client Unilever
Location Rotterdam
Square 14.000
Timeline January 2013 - August 2013
Labels Interior, NWOW, Offices, Hospitality
Unilever Rotterdam