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Over ten years’ time the NIBC bank in The Hague commissioned Fokkema & Partners Architecten for a large number of renovation projects in the interior and exterior realm. After first realizing an innovative working environment for the private equity department, many of the buildings in the urban building block which is set just opposed the peace palace in The Hague, refurbished, interconnected or even completely renovated. The complex is roughly composed of several listed buildings from the 1890’s (municipal and national monumental status), an office tower and a lower building block from the 1960’s and more recent adaptations to the building block in 1993.

The lower building entity which was originally constructed in the 1960’s houses the main entrance. This building was given a complete high-quality renovation by Fokkema & Partners (2011). One of the interventions in the renovation of the façade was to substitute the existing window frames for new frames. These have a profile that is as slim as possible. The former aluminum panels are changed into light and middle grey enameled glass. In combination with the natural stone, the façade obtained a fresh look while the energy efficiency was improved from a label F to label A. To give the entrance itself more attention, a glass box was erected around an art sculpture.
Newly added bridges during the large scale renovation of the office tower (2005) interconnect the different buildings and their office floors while overcoming differences in height. On the ground floor a glass covered walkway was constructed. The configuration and design of the work environments, a restaurant, a boardroom, a dealing room, a social club for employees and the entrance foyer were all completely rethought and renovated to meet the highest standards.
Client NIBC Bank
Location Den Haag
Square 35.000
Timeline January 2001 - November 2011
Labels Interior , Exterior , Renovation , Monument , Offices , All , NWOW , Sustainable renovations
NIBC Bank Den Haag
Client NIBC Bank
Location Den Haag
Square 35.000
Timeline January 2001 - November 2011
Labels Interior, Exterior, Renovation, Monument, Offices, All, NWOW, Sustainable renovations