The collaborating teams responsible for the circular rehousing of Liander in Duiven are jointly awarded the nomination “creative heroe” in a brand new award. The creative heroes award celebrates the individuals, organizations and partnerships behind groundbreaking concepts and sustainable innovations. The jury selected Liander in the category Interior Design as an example of excellence and inspiration!


“In the design process we challenged ourselves to think differently about the things we've always done. We brought in market parties and user teams in an early stage for co-creation, consistently thinking of re-use and circularity. We have inspired all involved to join in on this way of thinking, pushing limits and embracing innovations. The consortium partners were open minded and continuously challenged each other, finding unforeseen integral solutions."
Saskia Roelofs on behalf of the consortium partners


Alliander started the tender in a dialogue with the market, asking an open question based on five goals: integral design, circularity, energy neutrality, New Ways of Working and a good relation with the direct environment. These goals have been surpassed in every way by the consortium in which sharing of knowledge was key.


The question was to transform an old business park into energy-neutral office; the consortium came with an energy-positive, highly innovative and inspiring building. The building expressly invites the public and business partners to think about energy resources and systems. It also provides us with a new spatial strategy to sustainably revitalize seemingly outdated real estate.


Accelerating the circular economy in the construction industry     


In the interior design innovations were achieved in workplace concepts; sustainability and by large-scale integration of new technologies. To name an example: re-use of waste materials led to using the old doors as a construction material for the custom furniture. Employees have an incentive to become paper-less, they can bring a cabinet home when it is empty! A new type of contracts with manufacturers and suppliers was developed: the persuasive concept for the interior, combined with scale of work led to a huge acceleration in the field of circular offering. Read more on the deposit contracts


On behalf of Fokkema & Partners, Saskia Roelofs proudly accepted the nomination. She is joined by Marijn Emanuel on behalf of RAU architects to attend the awards event on Thursday June 29th in Amsterdam. The consortium led by VolkerWessels Vastgoed further consists of the partners Boele & vanEesteren, Innax, Kuiper Compagnons, van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs and Turntoo.