Last week one of our Young Professionals and her mentor shared their experience with the Dutch BEP (Professional Traineeship *) at the faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology.


Vera Vorderegger graduated from TU Delft in 2015 and entered our in-house BEP program when she started her carreer at our office. She found an experienced mentor in Marjan van Diepen and now learns on the job, not only gaining experience during different design stages, but also obtaining insight in the complete operations of the office.


Fokkema & Partners Architecten is proud to have become a pioneering office in providing such an in-house program with training modules for our starters and interns. This training is funded by our architecture firm and designed in collaboration with "Architectenregister".


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* Two years ago the Professional Traineeship (BEP) was introduced in the Netherlands to protect the titles of architects, urban designers, landscape architects en interior architects by the Architect’s Title Act.