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A pragmatic design transformed the office a law firm which was formerly characterized by closed corridors and low ceilings, into a spacious, contemporary and communicative work environment. A contrasting colour scheme and pronounced sightlines result in an edgy and modern look. Combined with the views to the river and its situation in the historic maritime quarter in Rotterdam, the renovated office of this law firm feels modest yet refined and at times even spectacular.

The ground an top floor levels give place to formal meeting spaces and reception. The first, second and third floor are dedicated to workplaces. Given the confidential nature of the work, the natural outcome of this kind of office typology would be closed of walls and a corridor structure. Because of the smart positioning of cupboards, highly transparent separations were possible without giving up a certain sense of privacy. These cupboards separate the workplaces in the glazed offices from the social area on the office floors. Also the core with the lift and staircase was outfitted with glazing instead of a closed wall. The open space around the central core was maximized as the transparent offices have remained relatively compact. Touch down meeting places and an open library are clearly organized with accentuated long lines. The open space also gives place to the secretaries. Each of the secretaries workstations have a picture frame view with historic views to Rotterdam. The photos were carefully selected to reflect the identity of different departments of the law firm (in collaboration with The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam).


Thanks to a contrasting color scheme around the building core, the elevator and staircase became visually disconnected from the work floor. All this immensely contributes to the spaciousness of the office and the connection to the other floors is more easily made. While the colour scheme may seem unusual at first glance, it also gives a timeless sense of comfort and tranquility. Instead of using black, which was found unfitting for this historic environment, each colour has a saturation of brown, giving the interior a unique appearance.


Photography Horizon Photoworks


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