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At Moermanskkade 300 our client wanted a distinctive lobby and meeting facility for a new multi-tenant building. Set at the former docklands of the Amsterdam harbour, the space benefits from the raw atmosphere and far reaching views over the IJ river.

highlighting these qualities a subdued design was lay out for the interior with only a few clear interventions: white surfaces of flooring and wallcovering in combination with a casual lighting plan. A table adds a flexible meeting program yet at all times it also defines the experience of the space which obtained a raw character allmost referring to a gallery. The ripple table with its organic shapes, is a design by our FOKLAb. The bottom of the spheres have a mat and soft black finish with a flat, reflective surface on top. This refers to the waterscape outside, including subtle ripples supposedly coused by water drops. Changing weather, continuous motion in the harbour and the resonating motion below the water surface are reflected inside thanks to this detailed design.


We will keep you up to date with more on this project and its neighbouring public building interiors, currently being designed.


Meanwhile we would like to invite you to check out our FOKLAb.nl