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With as a highlight the delivery of the Raadzaal of Almere (the City Council Chamber), the final stage has been completed in the renovation by Fokkema & Partners of the public spaces of the City Hall. The contemporary City Hall has a clear signature characterized by transparency, new service concepts and integration of technology, with clear wayfinding and respectful integration of the new concepts with the original architecture by Cees Dam (1979-1986).  

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City Council Chamber Almere (Raadzaal)


Entering Almere City Hall a long bright white desk invites residents to interact with the interior design. The desk serves as a self-service reception for the municipal services of one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, Almere. Built on newly reclaimed land in 1975 it is “a city where innovations can thrive”. The colorful interior for the public area of its city hall is based on an innovative service concept.


From this main counter, made of acrylic stone and bearing a graphic signature, citizens collect a ticket to be assisted at one of the various public counters of Burgerzaken and the Social Domain, also set in open space. There is a variation in counters to comply with the degrees of privacy required and the design even includes a small chapel executed in bamboo.

For more information on the interior design for Burgerzaken and the Social Domain:

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Almere City Hall


Behind the scenes at Almere City Hall we also made the design for the "Griffie" with the offices of the representatives and a meeting centre. Also the "SB (Stadsbeheer) plein" was realised according to a concept designed by Fokkema & Partners. Here all municipal services and for example the spatial planning office have an informal style square for meetings. These projects will be presented at our website shortly.