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In the extraordinary Esentai Tower in Kazakhstan - designed by SOM Architects - a new interior design project is under construction. The mixed-use tower, well known as the highest tower in the region, houses a high-end hotel, offices and luxurious apartments. Fokkema & Partners Architecten was approached to design a flexible work environment in the building to accomodate and connect various users. The invitation came from Capital Partners Kazakhstan, the developer of the tower and real estate developer to many other large (public) building projects.


The interior design provoces the building of a community between (international) firms with a base in Almaty, Kazakhstan: an environment where cross-pollination across industries and sectors takes place. To this end a concept was developed with shared facilities such as meeting rooms, phone booths, a reception and of course a shared lunch space.

We are very pleased to work together with Capital Partners to create the “Level Eight Offices”