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A profound experience engaging all the senses.

Mindfully hidden at the heart of Rotterdam the Lianne Tio Luxury boutique offers an absolute oasis of peace and luxury. It just re-opened after a complete refurbishment, now providing an even more complete and exclusive collection. Making space to percieve the unique features of the products and fragrances, the design is worked out to the final details. Attention from passionate experts working in the intimate atmosphere of the boutique completes the nourishing experience. 

With the use of rich and haptic materials, sophisticated detailing, a balanced lighting plan and perfect climate control, four distinct rooms are crafted with each their own centre-piece, a nod to the lovely boutiques in Paris and Milan. The internationally esteemed and exclusive selection of fragrances, jewellery and accessories is subtly highlighted in a costumer oriented environment. The boutique is meticulously materialised to make you feel naturally at ease and sharpen the senses to understand the origins and stories behind a product. A visit will result in touching all the senses, offering an elegant counter balance to the hectic and digital lives we tend to live.

We have collaborated with outstanding designers and manufacturers to translate the refined design up to the final details and custom finishes. More images and info on the design of the boutique will be available shortly. 

In the meantime, if you are on the lookout for something special, we can wholeheartedly recommend a visit.