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To improve its connection to the garden, this home extension joins a former semi-basement storage floor with the generous living spaces on the main floor. Window frames are integrated in the floor, ceiling and walls as much as possible, making the transition from inside to outside very smooth. A void was included to draw in more natural light.

The interconnection of spaces has affirmed the flexibility of this 100 year old residence to adapt to the changes in the way we live and work in our own, personal style.

Throughout the years, the way we use our homes will change. We mature, children will grow up and move out of the house, only to return to the home; even working from home when the situation calls for it. It is a great tribute to our homes to spend this much time in it, together and surrounded by our favourite items in a space that gives shelter as well as perspective to set your mind free.

Photography: Sebastian van Damme.

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