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The EY wavespace in Amsterdam provides EY with a unique and immersive experience for both clients and employees, inspiring and enabling to explore innovative ideas that will help successfully navigate the Transformative Age. By attracting people to a space which is completely out of the ordinary and outfitted with the latest technology, it ultimately works as a catalyst for innovation.

All technology is on display, while seamlessly integrated into a dynamic, layered design. The free flowing global wavespace concept was translated to Amsterdam with a high degree of flexibility, taking the interior concept and space design innovations to a next level. Flexibility was key to achieve the desired impact of the wavespace Amsterdam: a free flowing, stimulating and interactive environment. The wavespace Amsterdam can host large conferences, and can easily be split up with various setups for more intimate collaborations. This required innovations in design, pushing the limits in terms of detailing of the interior.

The wavespace Amsterdam features a curved and felt covered wall, with integration of a seven meters wide, high tech presentation screen. Yet with smart organisation of all its data cabling and evenly dividing its weight, it can move fluently to swing round with only an individuals’ push: enclosing an intimate space for a tech-infused brainstorm or opening up towards a larger crowd, acting as the centre stage. High tech is mixed with analogue features such as the curved glass partitioning walls which are in use as “ordinary” writing boards in combination with curtains, for a more soft and interactive touch, challenging the user to further customise the space and enriching the presentation dynamic.

An array of high and low pivoting tables and seating elements, can be configured to various settings according to specific wishes and activities of the users. As the design is executed with attention to comfort and good acoustics, the wavespace can even be tuned to a “regular” workplace for professionals on the lookout for an inspirational place to work or meet in the global activity based working concept of EY, EY@Work. The servers and computers to enable all this became an integral part of the wavespace as they are positioned in a transparent cupboard, with the blinking lights adding to the rhythmic dynamic and activating atmosphere of the space.

Early 2017 EY launched wavespace, its global network of growth and innovation centers to help clients catch the next wave in radical breakthroughs in business transformation by tapping into innovative thinking across EY disciplines, experience and industry sectors. The wavespace in Amsterdam is the latest addition to the family and allows companies and organizations to gain hands-on experience with digital developments via showcases and workshops, enabling them to find out how new technologies, including data analytics, blockchain or robotics (RPA) could benefit them.

The EY wavespace in Amsterdam was realised in only 6 months’ time, from a first test fit starting early February to delivery of the project in July. In September EY celebrated the official launch of the wavespace in Amsterdam.

Photography: Martijn Oorthuis

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