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To secure a safe and healthy work environment, companies and institutions face the task to efficiently adapt office spaces to welcome you back. This short animated video illustrates an example of the implications of social distancing on existing offices in 8 simple steps. 

You can watch it here

Meanwhile, exploring today's workplace you will find a broader selection of private residences on our website; a part of our portfolio we usually only rarely share. 

When Fokkema & Partners founded in 1995, new technologies made it possible to work independent from time or place. Yet the pace at which these technologies impact the way we work has not changed as rapidly as it is changing now. In what way will our future offices support the way of working that is taking shape today and what will we gain from new insights on supporting health and wellbeing?

Sharing knowledge and a sense of community are key values for people to thrive. We want to be inspired and benefit from confrontations with other perspectives. Fokkema & Partners' workplace designs have incorporated residential characteristics on various scales and in various styles since the start of the company. Controversially this is the exactly the atmosphere which most frequently corresponds to the places the chance interactions occur we are missing out on today, working from home. 

Do not hesitate to contact us  to discuss the way you like to work, live and play or to explore the possibilities for the transformation of a home, an office, a shop, a courthouse or city hall. We would love to hear from you and work together to develop a new normal that is inspiring as well as safe and healhy.