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It was just a regular Wednesday afternoon, until the founder of the office, Diederik Fokkema, was paid back for continuously challenging people to leave their comfort zone. As a man with vision, he has the capacity to judge a situation at first glance and the creativity to materialise his findings. He combines this with a management style that can be as daunting as encouraging. As a team we thank him for personally motivating us and establishing an office that is able to take on complex tasks with a very able group of colleagues and trusted building partners. We also thank our clients who trust in us and we are confident to achieve many more great projects together.


We embark on our route to 2020 contributing to a sustainable building practice, making environments to promote healthy lifestyles, while also exploring new markets with a passionate and young team. In 2020 we also celebrate our 25th year as an office! Plenty of reasons to abseil from our own office building in the heart of Delft.

for a short impression of the evening


image: Lennart Aertsen