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On Saturday June 15th during the annual Construction Days (de dag van de bouw), building combination EMA - established by Dura Vermeer in collaboration with Heijmans - will open the gates to an incredibly efficient construction site in Amsterdam.

Why you should visit? 

The relocation of the European Medicines Agency was awarded to the city of Amsterdam in March 2018 and to host the agency a new building was to be designed and constructed at the Zuidas. It is scheduled to be completed in November 2019. 

A tight timeline with no consessions on quality or sustainability

The choice for Amsterdam to host the agency may have been debated by international media; construction works have steadily proceeded to meet the unusually time-pressured relocation, due to Brexit. This demanded a nearly parallel design process for the interior (Fokkema & Partners Architecten), core & shell (MVSA) and landscaping (OKRA), resulting in the architects teams working much of the time together on site. Having started construction a little over one year ago, the building structure already stands 80 meters tall! 


Building combination EMA had started the processes to obtain materials and permits since before it was selected. In an even earlier stage, the preliminary building design was made by Fokke van Dijk of the Central Government Real Estate Agency. During the summer of 2018 the concrete building core was growing with 10 centimeters an hour, topping out on September 18th. Construction of the floors takes around a week per floor, with construction proceeding on various levels simultaneously. Still, it is a sustainable design, nearly energy neutral: in January this year the BREEAM Excellent Design Certificate was obtained. 


As the European Medicines Agency will recieve around 36,000 guests on a yearly basis hospitality is key to the design. The EMA building measuring 38.500 m2 requires a highly representative, yet modest environment that fits its international status and workstyles as well as the conference areas to host large meetings with visiting companies, government agencies and academic professionals. 

An exclusive preview

On June 15th 2019, during the Architecture & Construction Days, the building plinth - with the characteristic modular self-supporting façade already mounted - will be accessible to the public. The interior layout is taking shape and to give you a real sneak preview of the building interior, the visit will be enriched with detailed renderings and virtual tours, exclusively available on that day. 


During the visit, work continues on the construction of its top floors.

For more information 

Visit on Saturday June 15th, and learn much more. 
Location: Domenico Scarlattilaan 6, Amsterdam
Opening hours on June 15th: 10:00 - 16:00