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The design for Brink Groep accomodates 4 independent ententies operating under one umbrella in a representative and largely open office space in the "groothandelsgebouw". The office environment provides a uniform design to fit each user, each brand, like a classic gentlemens coat. 

With this distiguished layer as a base, the different companies are enabled to unfold their own activities and style. The shared office space, identity and the variety of facilities also encourages interaction and sharing of knowledge. 

A coffee bar at the entrance acts as the welcoming hub where more formal meeting rooms are also situated. A large table allows for Brink Groep to share informal lunches and meetings in the adjecent open area. Another bar at the open corner of the office offers spectacular views on Rotterdam Central Station and acts as an informal heart for the company during the day... and towards friday afternoon for the office drinks. 

The layout is built up as a fluid sequence of spaces, catering for the different workstyles of the brands within the larger company as well as personal preferences for day to day working. Open work areas are alternated with more closed areas and all workstations and functions are positioned according to the demand for interaction or privacy. There is a great variety of options, while each is designed with attention to good acoustics and comfort. Most of the office furniture is re-used from previous locations and via other circular purchasing methods.

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