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Among the first of a new generation of architects, Marc Souverein and Vera Vorderegger completed their professional traineeship (BEP) assessed by the 'Bureau Architecten Register' to obtain the architects’ title. Both graduated in 2015 from TU Delft with a master’s degree in Architecture, joining our creative team with a fulltime position shortly after. They took on the independent (individual) route, following our in-house training program while gaining professional experience in all design- and building phases. 

Their mentor, Marjan van Diepen has been leading Fokkema & Partners’ young potential program since long before it was made mandotory to follow such a program to obtain the protected title. She currently mentors another 6 TU Delft graduates enrolled in the BEP program, hosting workshops, discussions and site visits. Topics include planning, finance, insight in acquisition and construction phases, building management and communications. Our interns and colleagues are always invited to join or share expertise.  


We have been proud witnesses of the way Marc and Vera completed the new program, enjoying the learning modules and insights along the way and sharing the expertise they gained. Once again: congratulations!