On monday April 3rd, DSM opened the Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center. Over 400 research and development experts will work in the laboratories and office space in the new facility on the campus in Delft.


Feike Sijbesma, CEO/Chairman of the DSM Managing Board, commented: “DSM’s new Biotechnology Center is where our scientists create solutions for societal challenges such as the need to provide all people globally with nutritious food, as well as enabling the transformation from a fossil-based to a bio-renewable-based society. The DSM Biotechnology Center facilitates these needs, in an innovative environment and at an historic location in Delft where we build on nearly 150 years of scientific, academic and commercial activities.”


The interior design and working concepts for the office space are developed by Fokkema & Partners Architecten. In the generous and bright new build by Cepezed the interior design bridges the scientific look and feel of the building to a human scale, encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing between employees. Touches of colour and wood are added to the neutral colour scheme for the materialisation of the building interior. The layout allows users to take optimal advantage of the transparency the building offers with wonderfull views and ample daylight while at the same time providing privacy and a tranquil work environment. All in all the new biotechnology center, formerly known as Lab6, shows appreciation for the scientists and the pioneering research that is conducted.


Photography Sicco van Grieken


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