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In the Apollo House’ southern ring, Fokkema & Partners designed a new interior for CBS, the media company that creates and distributes industry-leading content to audiences around the world. It is a transparent, largely open office environment with a classy, subdued atmosphere and a cinematic touch for the CBS Studios International EMEA headquarters. The design includes a complete cinema with foyer and several large meeting rooms, making it a representative HUB to organize screenings, international board meetings, client meetings and events. The interior with its many bespoke elements was designed and realised in just four months’ time.

The Apollo House is designed by Dirk Roosenburg (1935-1939). In line with the subtle and spacious characteristics of this iconic listed building, the program for CBS was organized with a subtle, clear design approach. Firstly, long and unobstructed lines between the intimate inner part of the ring and the more open outside of the circle make a continuous base for the design. Open and closed spaces then alternate with orientation towards the courtyard and the surrounding urban setting, transforming a potentially disorienting circular structure - originally optimized for archiving files of the "Rijksverzekeringsbank" - into an exciting, open character work environment.

Spaces that require a more theatrical design approach, such as the cinema and large meeting rooms, are completely integrated with the overall design of the office. They are spread out over different floors. From the cinema lobby to the open workplaces, clear shapes and lines are introduced with a reserved yet classy materialization. This way the variation in program results in a coherent, yet spectacular interior architecture. It is tuned to the wishes of CBS and  provides the perfect, subdued backdrop to the stories being told with the content made by CBS.

photography: Jeroen Musch

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