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  • Phoenixstraat 49 B, 2611 AL Delft
  • The Netherlands
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  • info@fokkema-partners.nl

Although Fokkema & Partners are driven by a passion for design we absolutely aknowledge that the only way to get a maximum result is through working according to a strict methodology. For this reason we have been ISO 9001 certified for a couple of years now. The whole essence of the method is to constantly improve ourselves and the results for our clients. This means that we, at set moments during a project, analyse our proces and look for those aspects which should be adjusted. At the end of each design fase we not only look at our own result but more importantly, check the integrality considering all the disciplines involved. The aspects budget, risk, planning and quality are always taken into account.


Over the years we have worked closely together with many different architects, installation- advisors, builders, facility managers, hospitality advisors, managers and lighting experts. We feel comfortable taking the lead and coordinating all these specialists so that together we can achieve a more than satifying result for our client.