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Fokkema & Partners has been involved in sustainable questions since the beginning of the firm. Twenty years ago our focus was to raise the awareness about sustainability of people working in an environment as built according to our design. For example by implementing energy monitors in the building, using phase changing materials and using only wood and carpets with the FSC- and C2C- certificates.

Over the past years the market developed many more sustainable solutions which could be further implemented in building projects. At the same time, the measuring of these solutions has become more transparent with the development of Leed and Breeam certificates.


This  ongoing process recently resulted in the sustainable design of The Edge in Amsterdam, scoring Breeam outstanding 98,36 percent. It is the most sustainable Breeam building in the world thus far. Our firm contributed with the complete interior design of the building of which we are very proud. But we are equally proud to work on the Alliander project which will explore new sustainable solutions and will be the first energy positive building in the Netherlands. Another exemple of our approach to sustainable building is Allen & Overy, where we successfully transformed a monumental building energy wise from a G-label into an A-label.

Fokkema & Partners is a long time member of the Dutch Green Building Council and contributes by bringing experience and vision to the table. Our ultimate goal is to develop a Breeam Interior standard together with the Dutch Green Building Council. Our focus is on health, the use of materials and circular solutions.