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Fokkema & Partners is constantly aware of the necessity to stay sharp and to strive for improvement. Our quality driven design proces is, for an important part, based on using proven technoloqy. Whereas our strive for improvement leads to the need for implementing new technology. It is this new technology that leads to new solutions. If done right the road is open to a broad new range of design possibilities. This is, of course, the thing that sparks our design passion.

New technology is only possible if we take the lead in research. An example of this is the research project 'Architextiles' in which Fokkema & Partners has taken the initiative to invite design partners in researching innovative ways of using textiles as a means to make spaces. The partners involved are theater-, fashion and industrial designers, each with their own approach, but also other architects.
We believe that sharing knowledge with others also enhances the knowledge we receive.
We also think that this approach towards research makes sure we stay ahead.