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Fokkema & Partners are often asked to describe the firm’s chief characteristics. Just naming a single style doesn’t serve to answer this question, since the projects vary so widely. Still, since the start of the firm in 1995 all… >>
NWoW  is not just about demolishing walls, but also about designing the right concept for the right organization. New Ways of Working, Flexwork, Open Space Environment…the confusion existing around the present day transformations of the way… >>
Renovating buildings is an incredibly rewarding way to contribute to a sustainable environment. The design challenge is often formidable and requires a balancing act: respect for the original structure on the one hand, while on the other hand adding… >>
Fokkema & Partners is constantly aware of the necessity to stay sharp and to strive for improvement. Our quality driven design proces is, for an important part, based on using proven technoloqy. Whereas our strive for improvement leads to… >>
Fokkema & Partners has been involved in sustainable questions since the beginning of the firm. Twenty years ago our focus was to raise the awareness about sustainability of people working in an environment as built according to our design. For… >>