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For the waste processing company AVR, Fokkema & Partners designed the 100% waste-based interior for the renovated entrance hall and renewed experience centre. The starting point for the design was the wish for AVR to tell their story – from waste to energy – and to show what you can do with waste.


In close collaboration with Ferry in ‘t Veld (ArchitectuurMAKEN) a specific waste-based material passport was created with one essential idea in mind: residual material as building products. Besides producing no waste by reusing as many existing components as possible, the main team focus was on introducing eco-friendly and upcycled waste-based materials and products.


All features in the new interior have one thing in common: they are too good to waste!


Multiple creative suppliers contributed to the project: special developed bricks made from bottom ashes (StoneCycling), ceramic tiles with waste-based glazing (Studio Mixtura), furniture made from recycled PET-bottles (Better Future Factory), lamps made from 100% recycled paper (Studio Snowpuppe) and wall finish based on recycled jeans (DenimTex).


Have a 360 degree look around the project here