Two years after opening its doors, the Edge in Amsterdam does not cease to amaze her users and visitors from around the world. They take special interest in the innovative and high tech environment integrating sustainable solutions into a great design with excellent user comfort and with attention to creating a healthy workspace.


The workplace concept for Deloitte, the buildings main tenant, allows employees to find their work- and meetingplaces throughout the day thanks to the efficient use of technology. It is called “hot desking”. The high occupancy rate of the Amsterdam office proves: the design works!

Excellence in innovation and sustainability are recognized by the international community on many occasions, awarding the design team with Fokkema & Partners - led by OVG project development and PLP Architecture - with an impressive list of awards among which recently an American Architecture Prize and the BREEAM Award for sustainable Offices.


CNN just featured a short film on the Edge as a part of their coverage of the Europe 2020 campaign for the economy which aims at “smart, sustainable, inclusive growth”.

In the Edge the Amsterdam offices of Deloitte, Salesforce, Edelman, AKD, Henkel and Sandvik were established according to unique designs by Fokkema & Partners. Each of the designs are smart, healthy and sustainable, and each with integration of the building technologies in an optimal way for the client. Fokkema & Partners was also responsible for developing a warm and welcoming overall interior design for the Edge.

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